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Zhengzhou Jiangyuan Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd

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Zhengzhou Jiangyuan Food Machinery and Equipment Co.,Ltd is a company that engage in meat processing machinery development, design, manufacture and sales. Our main products are vacuum tumbler, chop-mixer, meat frozen grinder, enema machine, mix the stuffing machine, saline injection machine, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum mixer machine, mixer machine, meat planing machine, meatball molding machine, bone cement machine, meat tenderizer machine, broken bone machine, frozen meat cutter, fish flesh separator,...
Products List

broken bone machine
high efficiency frozen meat sliced machine
frozen meat slicer machine
frozen meat cutter
meat cutting machine
frozen meat cutter
fish flesh separator
hydraulic press lifting beater
stepless speed beater
lifter series (mobile)
meat cart
meat tenderizer machine
Contact Us
Company: Zhengzhou Jiangyuan Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd
Contact: Ms. Kerry Chen
Address: 88 Jinshui
Postcode: 450000
Tel: 86 0371 55910287
Fax: 86 0371 55910283
Homepage: http://www.jiangyuan.org

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Tel : 86 0371 55910287 Fax : 86 0371 55910283
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